Ezio Auditore Massachusetts

Rich Inequalities causes problems for America

The rich aren't paying there taxes putting large amounts of stress for the lower 99% and they have to much influence in the government making it very hard to fix this.

Dear Mrs. President(or Mr);

The Rich have too much power in the government, and they aren’t paying close to enough taxes and it’s nearly impossible to change this because of their influence. You need to change this or what's the point of your position as president to help America. I think that you can fix this problem . One example of a rich person who doesn’t pay the proper taxes is Donald Trump who for out of 4 years only payed tax for 2 years (probably not even the full(also good example :)and many other rich are in the same situation which puts more stress on the poorer who do have to pay taxes because they can't avoid them, Changing laws to fix this will be hard because the rich won’t let you but it just might be possible? Finally what to do other than law changing, there already are laws in place about not paying taxes but the rich have technicalities that don't let you use this tactic i'm about to say but look through every law and wait for them to make a mistake, and when they do put them in court and fine them for other crimes as well that now that you have them might work a little better. Make the Rich follow the american dream work hard for a good life the rich don't work hard.

Shouldn't everyone have equal rights, because right now the rich have all the backing from the laws, government influence, and money. “ the average income of each(rich) family reached $345 million”(Low Tax Rates for the Wealthy Have Widened the Gap Between Rich and Poor;Andre Damon) while their only paying half the income tax they should, Rich should be paying 40% percent of their income but the “amount actually paid in taxes—fell to 16.6 percent”(Low Tax Rates for the Wealthy Have Widened the Gap Between Rich and Poor; Andre Damon), and probably escape many other taxes altogether. An opposing article states that the top 40% of america pays 99.1% of taxes but this is just evidence to my argument this is how the taxes should be as well as even if everyone were paying their taxes this only includes income tax as you well know their are many more kinds, an example of the toll of these other taxes incredibly those who earn merely 15k year suffer from many other taxes even though they're supposed to pay no taxes they end up paying 9,000 of their income overy year from taxes that go to the government. Then in the end the money doesn’t really go and stay with the government welfare pays the rich above 850 billion dollar a year this is more than ⅓ of what it takes to run the government, the amount of welfare money that goes to the poor, 200 billion that about 315 million people get less than a couple thousand who don’t need it. This destructive cycle will ruin America.

Now the opposing side of this issue. They say that income inequality is good because the rich have had their income go up 11.6% and middle classes gone down .4% so the rich will be paying more taxes. Some of them strait up state “There is no clear evidence that it does” (There Is No Evidence That Inequality Harms the Economy or Democracy; Scott Winship) for the evidence and facts and theories against them. Someone state's particular people that wrote some of these articles against the rich have big credentials but their fields aren’t in the right place and their research about other countries and what happened to them in and how it relates to america is completely wrong and mistaken for writing that. The only wise thing i’ve found in these arguments is that you should focus on labor markets. This is what the opposing arguments are mostly composed of this.

No. Inequality is bad their overlooking key facts and only focusing on certain parts instead of embracing what the other says for a moment to understand it better. When they state the rich will be paying more taxes is false in fact they have been paying less and less as their income goes up. Saying you can't compare america to other countries is stupid that’s a fatal mistake our downfall is already happening we owe 10 trillion dollars the rich hold all the money, and the debts the middle class have will destroy banks because the poor and middle class can’t pay them back. They should be no argument about this unless they're so ignorant they don't care america who is “different from other countries” will fall into economic failure.

With all the power the rich have and the taxes that fall on the poor and middle class. America needs you to fix this keep the american dream alive, Work hard for a good life, but the the lower classes work hard to live hardish, while the rich don't really even work but have everything except for despair, but because they have no problems it all goes to everyone else for one person to have everything they want they ruin everyone else. Also if you don't fix america's economy it's only so much harder to fix other problems. This is the only solution.

Sincerely Salutations,

Ezio Auditore

Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

The seventh grade students have researched, discussed, and thought carefully about a variety of issues that challenge our nation and the next president. Here are their thoughts about what the next president must do to improve our country and all of our lives.

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