Ramsey Massachusetts

The Attack on ISIS.

ISIS has destroyed, looted, and pillaged countless ancient monuments that have been standing since thousands of years ago.

Dear Madam or Mr. President,

Family, that is something that we as human beings need. I have a family, you have a family, but my family is in danger. A whole half of my family is from Egypt, and ISIS has a stronghold in the Middle East. My family and friends who live in Egypt are at a constant risk of injury, or even worse, death. We need to put a stop to ISIS, because they could kill my family, and the people I love. Not only that, but ISIS has destroyed and will continue destroy many important ancient artifacts and monuments from all cultures in the Middle East. ISIS has looted many different places in the Middle East, and they could destroy places important to Ancient Egypt, my heritage. That would be very sad, and I do not want ISIS to destroy something so dear to my heart.

ISIS has destroyed, looted, and pillaged countless ancient monuments that have been standing since thousands of years ago. “...destroyed some of the remains of a civilization that 2,000 years ago was a mix of Roman, Persian and local cultures”, “It was the latest in a series of attacks on ancient structures and artifacts in Syria and Iraq that the group has destroyed in the name of its harsh interpretation of Islamic law.” The list goes on and on of the countless amount of demolition of important artifacts. Before we know it, countless important artifacts could be destroyed. Also, they use social media to recruit people, especially people that don’t know what to do with their life, or lost. This can prove to be problematic for the US because more people are getting recruited by ISIS. Here is a quote “Samy El-Goarany allegedly told his parents he was going to school in New York -- but instead flew to Turkey and crossed into Syria.” This kid, a US citizen was recruited by ISIS, traveled to Syria, and was killed. This is just terrible, and we need to help limit ISIS’s tactics in recruiting US citizens.

To the future president, I ask this of you. I ask- no I plead, that you attack and eradicate ISIS from Syria and Iraq, and their holds in other countries. You need to be the one to order a ground assault on ISIS and their followers. I think that you should ally our US troops with Iraqi troops, Syrian troops, and any other anti-ISIS task force there is in the Middle East. Not only attack ISIS on the ground, but continue aerial assaults, but strategically placed and calculated attacks that aid the troops on the ground. I ask that you try and limit how the Extremists utilize Social Media to promote themselves and recruit other Americans. You should care because it is innocent Americans that travel to Syria and Iraq, and die. It is the future generation that is being 

Baker ELA


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