Dylan Massachusetts

Stop the suffering

If a person is terminally ill, suffering, wanting to die, why can't they?

             The topic I feel very passionate about assisted death. My grandfather had cancer, he had no chance of survival, he was in so much pain that he could barely talk. Seeing him go through this was terrible. He wanted it to end. He wanted to die. But the law states that assisted death is illegal, so all he could do is suffer and wait. This was very cruel. We can kill (euthanize) an animal if they are suffering, but not a human. I believe that if a person is terminally ill they have the right to get euthanized.

             If people are terminally sick and suffering and want to die why can't they? I understand that if they have a high chance of survival, that it is illegal. But if they are going to go through all of that pain and then they're just going to die, then they should have the option to get Euthanized. About 564,800 citizens in the USA die each year of cancer. Only 60,000 of those people could get euthanized. The other 504,800 people had to suffer.

             When you are president you should legalize assisted death in every state. Doing this will save people from suffering. It will also save the people who have to watch them suffer. Doing this will make our country more humane. 

Baker ELA


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