Chris D. Massachusetts

Letter from Chris Dilone

This letter is about the bad influences of gun violence.

Dear Next President, 

My name is Chris Dilone also known as Sosa or Sosa Stacks and the topic that I am presenting to you is the bad influences of gun violence. Gun violence is a very bad situation that is spreading out through the world.  Gun violence is making a big impact on kids, teens, and adults. Some people are scared to be in their own neighborhood, or even scared to let their kids play out side. This is pathetic that people think that they can solve all their problems as a result to using guns. Kids should not be kept inside or be scared to go play outside.   Teens shouldn't be joining gangs, or fear walking to school thinking if they turn that corner on their street they will get shot or will be getting threats from a person or a group of people that are using guns. Gun violence is  a big deal in the lives of kids, teens and adults.  People using guns are peer pressuring kids to join gangs, get a gun, and just create chaos. 

Things that I learned about gun violence is that in 2004 about 42% of Americans agreed that using guns will create peace, and that using guns should be your first solution to your problems, also having a gun(s) will make you have a safer home. But as years go by that 42% of Americans increased into 63%, gun violence really spread through the world. Another thing that I learned is that one of the reasons why kids died so young is because of gun violence. In some cases the reason kids died was by an accident.  These accidents happen when when kids get in the way of a drive by, shootout, etc and catch a bullet that wasn't meant for them.

How can this be changed?