Jack O. Massachusetts

Equal opportunity for education

Inner city public schools are struggling and kids don't have options to getting the education that they need.

Hi my name is Jack O'Brien from Brookline Massachusetts this topic is very important to me because I think all kids should be educated the way they need to go on in life. This topic “Equal opportunities for Education” is important to me because the kids that come from low income families and inner city families don't always get a good education. The kids that go to inner city public schools, for example Boston public schools, don't have an education that you would get from a charter school or private school. This issue is a big deal because these kids that don't have the option to go to a charter school because there are not enough end up going to an underperforming school and having a high potential to dropping out. This needs to be fixed because it is not fair that inner city kids cannot get a good education because they are a low income family. Finally all kids no matter the family or background they come from should have the same opportunities for education.

On example of this that could be changed is question two on the ballot for massachusetts. Question 2 is about allowing to have 12 more charter schools every year. If voted yes on tuesday there will be more people that are going to start charter schools. This will give kids who are on waiting lists, because they are in a bad school because of where they live, opportunities and this will give theme the option to go to a better school and get a good education and not have to have there kids go through the same experience. If question two is voted no on tuesday then there will not be enough charter schools to accommodate the kids on waiting lists and instead of kids going to get an education now they will have to wait for public schools to improve. By the time these inner city public schools are good and don't have such a high dropout rate these kids that are in these schools now won't have the chance to get a good education. The graduation rate for 2015 for Boston Public was 65.9 percent This means that 34.1 percent of the kids that go to BPS don't graduate high school. Amazingly this is also tied with the highest graduation rate. It has never been over 66% of kids graduating. At a charter school in boston called Codman Academy the graduation rate is 71.9 present this proves that having charter schools will provide a better education to low income and inner city kids.

If question 2 is voted no kids will have to stay on waiting lists and keep going to a school that does not provide the education that they need. They might even drop out. If you and are country do not pass laws that will give opportunities to create more public charter schools we will be failing this generation of inner city boys and girls. If I were to vote, I would vote yes on question 2.

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