Mimi K. Massachusetts

Effects of ISIS Spreading

ISIS is causing much trouble through out the world and we need to do something about it.

Dear President:

ISIS is almost conquering all of Syria, as well as many other parts of the world. They are causing lots of discourage and people think that we need to stop them. They soon could come into the U.S and harm all of us. Others think that we should leave it as it is and it’ll all fix itself and not harm the U.S. The president should do something about ISIS because so far they have been terrorizing many parts of the world, and need to be stopped before they mistreat and kill more and more people.What the president should do about this situation, is that they should plan a secret attack on ISIS to make sure that ISIS doesn't put us in danger as well as other countries. You have to make sure that the terrorist don't catch on to this plan or else we will then be even more of a target. It’s important for the next president to be aware of this problem, so they rectify this issue ISIS is causing around the world.

Some quarrel that the U.S. should do something about ISIS because right now they are becoming a big threat towards America. So far, ISIS has terrorized almost 30 countries, and has killed over 2,000 people. In the article America Must Destroy ISIS, by Robert W Merry, states, “ He argues that fundamentalists Islam is a great threat to the United States, and that ISIS, the radical Islamic group in Syria and Iraq, poses a real danger to America and American interests.” For this reason, the United States should take charge of this situation, and should find a way to stop this terrorist group. This is because ISIS has done many vile things to the world in the past, especially to the country of Syria, and don’t know if they are going to strike again, in another county, maybe even here. Since we are a real threat to ISIS, we need to do something quick, so we don’t get attacked by this group, and kill innocent people. In the article America Must Destroy ISIS, by Robert W Merry, another quote said is, “The United States pursue a diplomatic approach in the Middle East that focuses on the ISIS threat above all other considerations. That means getting tough with states- Saudi Arabia, for example, and other Sunni Gulf nations- that harbor radical elements and seem bent on exploiting the ISIS rise to thwart their Shia elements in Iraq and Iran.” This means, that since ISIS could be a huge threat on the U.S., they need to take control of this terrorist group. Although, that means if America wants to get rid of ISIS for good they must take out other countries first, that are supporting ISIS. On the other hand, this does mean ISIS is getting bigger, since other countries are supporting them, which could mean that if ISIS is really as big of a threat to the United States as us and others think, they could do a lot of damage towards our country. Overall, if we don’t find a way to fix this problem, we could be putting many people and families in critical danger.

Others argue that we should leave ISIS as it is because it is “no real threat to the U.S”. In the article, The United States Should Not Intervene With Iraq, it states that “Eland says that past US interventions in Iraq have created more strife and radicalization rather than less. He concludes that there is no strategic reason for the United States to intervene in Iraq or against ISIS.” What he’s trying to say is that as long as we don’t attack them, they won’t attack us. There is a possibility this could work, but we believe that this could be a big risk of this leading to even worse. He makes the objective that if ISIS was going to attack the United States, they would need a territory to launch the attacks on us. Even though that is true, the government may not be aware of them being there. Though they live very far away, and it would be a stretch for them to come here and terrorize us if we try to harm them, then they will give it back to us. The reason why they are even terrorizing is because they want perfect religions and they don’t want anywhere to be chaotic but they are causing lots of chaos to make that point. In the article, United States Should Not Intervene With Iraq, the author also states, “Despite all the hysteria surrounding the advances in northern Iraq of the brutal Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), no crisis exists for U.S. security, and the American people are wise in their skepticism of renewed U.S. military involvement in that country.” In this quote here, the author is trying to explain that, at the moment, ISIS is no threat to America, or the people in the country. Even though ISIS has done many tragic things in the past like attack France, post videos of brutal murders, etc., ISIS has not shown any threat or danger towards the United States. The problem is, if the U.S. decides to attack Iraq and Syria it could put us in danger, and make us a threat to them, which could lead us to be a threat towards them. Although, if we don’t do something to stop ISIS, they will keep doing these horrible things to our world, which could bring us to even bigger problems, that could cause even more danger to our world. This means more people will be in danger, or killed and injured, as well as countries being bombed and attacked by them too. The point is, if we don’t do something to stop ISIS we could be putting the whole world in danger.

Even though there have been a lot of arguments about whether the U.S. should or shouldn't

destroy ISIS, there is still some things to know about them. In the article ISIS: Everything You Need to Know, by Richard Allen & Nick Thompson, states, “ISIS spread fast, capturing large territories on both sides of the Iraq-Syria border.” This shows, a lot of what ISIS does and what their goal is as a terrorist group. There goal and what they do is capture people and territories mainly in Iraq and Syria, the most threatened areas, where ISIS has been attacking. This explains why they attacked other parts of the world including the U.S., like 9/11, and Paris where life is better for others, instead of places like Iraq and Syria. Although, this does show why we should fight back towards ISIS. This is because overall this terrorist group has done many terrible things to countries, as well as to people too, including our own United States, which gives us a reason to fight back. If we don’t do something about this, we could be a possible target for ISIS, as well as others parts of the world too.

Even though ISIS is known for attacking many parts of the world and capturing and obtaining large territories, they do have a purpose for why. A quote from the article, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), states, “The sworn goal of ISIS is to form a religious state, dominated by the strict law of fundamentalist Islam.” The problem here, is that since the U.S. is full of different religions, for example Jews. Because of our religions, we could be put into serious trouble and be a major target for ISIS, to want to come to attack and kidnap people from our country to make their’s better. This means that we could be facing a lot of problems with ISIS and our country. Imagine if your were a child, getting taken away from your friends and family, and brought to another part of the world where a war is going on and you were captured by one of the most dangerous terrorist groups today. You would be lost from your loved ones, and could possibly be killed or seriously harmed by ISIS. This shows that if we allow this to happen we could be put in some trouble by ISIS as well as people here in this country. This could cause riots, protests, criminal activity, etc., which could bring our county down hill. The point is, if we don’t do something soon about this situation, we could be putting the people in the U.S. in serious danger.

ISIS is almost conquering all of Syria and many other parts of the world. We think that you should put ISIS into their spot to stop this for good. You never know where they could be heading next, and it may be to the United States. If you do what we say, and take control over ISIS’s attacks, we could end the terrorizing from ISIS, and stop them before they reach any other countries. We don’t want anyone else to be harmed, assassinated, or taken away from anyone’s family and friends.. Thank you for your time, and we hope that you take pride in your job and handle many of the difficulties in our country.


              Olivia Brown and Mimi Kennedy

Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

The seventh grade students have researched, discussed, and thought carefully about a variety of issues that challenge our nation and the next president. Here are their thoughts about what the next president must do to improve our country and all of our lives.

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