A Massachusetts

College Tuition

The cost of college is too high for some families to pay and they struggle to give their children a proper education.

Dear Future President,

There is a big problem with the affordability of a college education. Each year, the cost of college is increasing and it is very hard for some people to pay for it. This is an obstacle to many students who graduate from high school and are looking to continue their education.

According to College Board, from the years 2001-2010, four-year colleges and universities have increased their tuition by about 4.6% each year. Also, the total cost of room and board rose by over 10% over the past 5 years. These increases in cost make it hard for many high school graduates to get a college education.

I believe that over the next few years while you are in office, you should help the tens of thousands of Americans who don’t have a proper education. By reducing the costs for universities, you will be helping many people have a better future and a better paying job and career. A lot of Americans today are jobless because they didn’t go to college and they live a very hard life but you can change that by reducing the tuition for college. Thank you!