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College Tuition Loan

These days, student loans are quite high, total in the US is near 1 trillion dollars worth of just students repaying there College Tuition they have borrowed.

            Over the past few years, it seems the biggest debt or loan that people are having these days, are the college tuition loans. This is a big problem to me because within 5 years, I will end going into college and my number one goal is to not be in debt. Students should not be charged for an education. If primary schools, middle schools, and high schools, are free and affordable, why not college? Not everyone is a millionaire and can pay off tuitions simple.

            According to article "A Generation Hobbled by the Soaring Cost of College." [New York Times], Kelsey Griffith, a graduate from Northern Ohio University, “....[pays] off her $120,000 in student debt….[by].... working two restaurant jobs and will soon give up her apartment here to live with her parents.” It seems as though the expression “life isn’t fair” is being unexaggerated. Of course not all cost are this ridiculously high as $120,000 such as Mrs. Griffiths who has $50,000 to pay off. Overall, these prices are ridiculously high. Students shouldn’t be expected to pay for an education. Students are already working to be a part of the next generation, why must there be more obstacles?

            My call to action for this is to raise taxes on the rich, and some on middle classes, and make college affordable. Public high schools, middle schools, and elementary are already affordable. College should be too. People should encourage students to take college and not make it too difficult to gain access too. In reality, kids are the next generation. Why should it be made harder? Why should it be more difficult?