Cameron Massachusetts

Illegal immigration

My letter is about illegal immigration and how we should stop it.

Dear next President,

There is one issue that is going on that you should fix: illegal immigration. The reason I think you should fix this is because there are thousands of illegal immigrants entering into America each year. I think you should use all of your power and resources to stop people from entering our country illegally. I believe you should put this into consideration because illegal immigrants typically bring crime, take jobs away from Americans, and cause many other problems.

Typically illegal immigrants are depending on government funding to live in America.

In the article Keeping the Borders Open Harms Us Workers, illegal immigrants are coming into America faster than ever. 1.6 million settle in the US each year. The reason this is harmful to Americans is that most of the illegal immigrants are uneducated and dropouts from school looking for money from our government. Somehow they figured out a way to obtain government funding to live. This take money away from Americans that deserve and need this to survive.

I believe one way of stopping illegal immigrants is to upgrade the border patrol. The reason I brought this topic up is because in the article A Border Fence Will Reduce Illegal Crossing of the US - Mexico Border it stated the the US border patrol is in charge of the US borders and they apprehend those that sneak into america illegally, but still many illegal immigrants are clearly getting in. This means that you should increase the amount of border patrols officers to handle the increase of illegal immigrants that are gettting in America on a daily basis.

Some people say there should be no wall and America should not keep the border patrolled. They say this because, according to the article “The U.S. Border Fence Divides Neighbors and Tears Apart Families” by Gebe Martinez, the tall barrier has created a false sense of security because it was poorly made and does keep out illegal immigrants. People are in favor of open borders so families can be reunited and not be separated by a fence that is tearing families apart.

If we have open our borders as some people want, I believe our problems will only be increased. More criminals will come in. Immigrants will take jobs away from deserving Americans and will also use up government funding that should go to Americans and should be used for fixing our roads, schools and bridges. Because most of them are usually uneducated and will not be able to find work, our taxes will be used to support them.

Like I said there is a serious issue going on right now in America. Illegal immigrants are flowing into our country daily. If you concentrate on fixing this issue, we will not have to worry about immigrants bringing in crime to our country, taking jobs away from Americans, and using up our tax money that should go to fixing our schools, road, bridges and deserving Americans that need it..



Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

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