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Climate Change

Climate change is a dangerous climate anomaly that the future president should fix.

Dear Next President,

Climate change has been the topic of many discussions lately, but by government officials, there hasn’t been much input on the topic, and we (the citizens) are not sure what the US is planning to do about climate change, if anything. One reason climate change isn’t brought up is most likely because of its severity compared to other issues the US is facing. Many think that there are more pressing problems.  I beg to differ, because I’ve looked at numerous videos and articles regarding the matter of climate change. I don’t want to live in a country where climate change isn’t important to the executives. Global warming and climate change has been getting worse over the past years. As the future president, you must put more effort into shrinking or even reversing the effects of climate change.

Climate change has been proven to cause a variety of issues that could only get worse if you choose to ignore it. These issues include the arctic north melting, rising sea levels, droughts west of the US, floods east of the US, and an unstable weather pattern. This means that climate change could have devastating effects if it coats the Earth for any longer. In a few decades, if we do nothing about this, the world we live in might be completely different. I can understand if some people reading through this may think that these things will not affect them, but the truth is, climate change can and will affect our daily lives if no action is taken. 

We all probably already know that climate change is rising temperatures worldwide, including in the Arctic.   Due to this, the north’s glaciers have begun to melt, rising the sea levels slowly, but surely. This has already caused floods and could shrink our borders if it continues. Although floodings have been caused, you’ll be surprised to also hear that droughts have also occurred. This is also because of the rising temperatures, and water is evaporating at an unnerving rate. Lakes and rivers are becoming subjected to this heat, which could lead to mass droughts that would, in turn, damage our water supply. Weather also plays a role in the catastrophic occurrence. Climate change has created an unstable weather pattern across the US, spawning tornadoes, hurricanes, and thunderstorms of a deadly degree. This is all a worldwide issue, one that has put dread upon our world. It would only be smart to try and stop this, and it’s as easy as lowering the carbon emissions in the country.

Alas, we just so happen to be the country with the second most carbon emissions, so it will be harder than just stopping. In Kyoto, Japan, something known as the “Kyoto Protocol” was crafted, calling for the reduction of using carbon emitting sources, and the US agreed to this protocol. However, the US did not act upon the Kyoto Protocol, saying it was an economic decision not to act upon it. Just last year, France made something else known as the “Paris Climate Agreement,” which aims to achieve a universal agreement on climate change, and also aim to keep global warming under 2 degrees Celsius. The US actually did agree and decided to act upon this agreement, and hopefully it stays that way. This means that there is still hope for us in the US, and we could still stop climate change before it gets even worse. This should matter to most of us, because climate change will affect our daily lives. Climate change could make the Earth a far more dangerous place, the Arctic might be much smaller, as well. As the future president, you have to try to do more to attack this horrific climate anomaly.

Global warming and climate change is getting worse and worse by the day, and we’re not doing a whole lot to stop it. As the future president, you absolutely must try to at least stop climate change before it gets even worse, changing our country, and maybe even the world, for good. Do something about this climate change issue, because the children of the future generations will suffer more than we will today.

Creekland Middle School

Ms. Boyle's Class

Ms. Boyle's Class

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