Catherine C.

Funding NASA

NASA is more than an academic pursuit therefore NASA's funding must be increased.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Knowledge, innovation, and exploration are all important to the future of our society. As Americans we should all strive to find new limits and new possibilities. Because exploration and innovation and knowledge are some of the most admirable traits of America and American citizens, we should fund programs that promote such. One particular program is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Currently NASA is extremely underfunded. NASA funding has reached a low that has not been seen since 1960 (the program was created in 1958).

Some question the importance of NASA. So, why is NASA important? NASA is more than just exploring outer space; NASA also strives to make other science and technological advances. Over the years NASA has discovered many very useful and practical innovations such as technology that created artificial limbs, solar energy/panels, scratch-resistant lenses, smoke detectors and many more very important discoveries. Funding NASA is important for not only discoveries that happen away from planet earth but also for discoveries that happen on this planet.

Lastly, NASA’s funding should be increased because of the economic and societal benefits that NASA brings. Not only innovations come from exploring the space frontier. Culture and society changes drastically from being a participant in that frontier. Many would agree that patriotism and pride reached an all-time high during the 1960s when the United States was discovering and competing to reach and discover outer space. The shift in attitude that NASA brings upon American culture is arguably the greatest part of the program. NASA allows us to see and feel the amazing role that innovations in science and technology play in our lives and in our societies.

As the next president of the United States, you should aim to increase funding for NASA because NASA it is an academic pursuit that is important to the advancement of our society and our world. NASA is also worth funding because it will stimulate a positive attitude all across our country and this positive attitude will all around promote the welfare of our country.