Kailyn M. Georgia

Space Travel

NASA has been consistently underfunded in the last decade. We need to work together to generate enthusiasm for space travel again.

Dear Future President,

The unifying enthusiasm and major leaps previously made in space travel back in the 50’s and 60’s could benefit this country immensely in the shape we're currently in. But even if we were to work towards this goal, it would be difficult because NASA has been consistently underfunded for the past decade. At a 16.2 billion budget every year, it may seem like plenty, but it barely scraped the bottom of the bucket.

Space, it fascinates us all. You always hear little kids talking about it with big dreamy eyes, imagining the vast universe around them. Except now, all these dreams kids have are pretty much unrealistic. When I was younger, I never knew what to do with my passion of space. I always considered it to be a passing interest until a few months ago. Then I discovered there are other jobs in the field of space other than being an astronaut, such as my now future job as an astrophysicist.

To put it simply, this could benefit our economy tremendously. Some of our biggest economic competitors are becoming more involved in space travel, and the new jobs it creates. We need someone to fly the ships, build them, teach how to use them, and the many more jobs that come with this. This could give way to a lower unemployment rate and newer technologies. Some of our basic luxuries now wouldn't be here without the idea of space travel. GPS systems, medical scanning, and even memory foam wouldn't have been created. Just think about the new technologies we could make in this day for space travel that could benefit our everyday lives.

Now to alien life, seems unrealistic right? Given the size of the universe it is actually very likely, with the right technologies. Many people are scared by the possibility of extraterrestrial life but it could have many benefits such as new species, allies, and new advanced equipment. And not only life but new planets. There is predicted to be over a trillion earth like planets in our universe these planets could harbor rare resources that we need or are running out of on earth. In the next few thousands years it assumed to become inhabitable, and were going to need a safe place to stay. And if humanity plans on staying for awhile this exploration needs to start soon.

I realize that I'm only a small mind of the millions of people in America. I may not use the smartest words or agree with the larger majority. But I know as a citizen, my opinion matters in this country you run. So, do you want to make that change? Bring the excitement back to America, bring the wide eyed looks back to children. It's all in your hands.

Sincerely, Kailyn M