Abby S. California

Waste management for the environment

Waste management needs to be more controlled in America.

Dear Future President,

There are many problems in the United States. One of the biggest problems is the amount of waste in the environment. Cleaning the environment will help waste management because it will reduce pollution and it will decrease the amount of animals that are caught in litter.

 Pollution needs to be reduced in America because it harms people and the environment. Pollution harms human health and crops. Acid rain, which comes from pollution, can destroy forests. Also, factories can leak chlorine, aldehydes, and other gases which is not good for the air. Living in a polluted area can affect a person’s lifespan, too. They might not live as long as a person living in a non-polluted area. 

The amount of animals that are caught in litter needs to decrease because it can harm or kill the animal. The litter can cut and injure the animal when it tries to escape the trash. This can happen to animals in the ocean and on land. An example is that birds have been poisoned by lead weights. Skunks have been found with containers stuck on their heads. Also, raccoon’s paws have been found stuck in beer cans. That is from litter on land, but there is also a lot of litter in the ocean that sea animals get caught in.

People in America will not want to use energy less because energy is used for many reasons.One way to reduce energy is to use cars less, but people will not want to use cars less because cars are one of the best ways of transportation. It would take longer to bike or walk places, but it would make a big impact. Another way to lower the amount of energy is to not use lights as much, but people need to use lights in their house to see. Not using lights when they are not totally needed would make an impact too.

Cleaning the environment and doing small things will make a big impact on the world. If we just stop littering and try to use energy less, less animals will die and there will be less pollution. The little things always help. I hope you, the future president, can help clean the environment. 

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Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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