Lucy Ayala Massachusetts

Fund Our Schools

This letter talks about the three different high schools I've been to and the conditions of each school.

Dear Mr/Mrs. president,

My name is Lucy Ayala and I attend CASH (Community Academy of Science and Health), class of 2018. I live in Boston Mass. I've lived most my life in the same house located in Dorchester. I'm basing this letter on the low funding for Boston public schools. I have been to 3 different schools in the past three years, one of which was my choice. In the 9th grade I attended Dorchester Academy. You could notice how low funding the school was because :

1). They have changed locations 3 times and 

2). The well being of the school was just sad. The ceiling was breaking apart and  the paint on the walls were chipping. We didn't have the technology we needed to help our school listing so we dropped down to a level 4 school then to a level 5 which meant the city had to take over, or at least that was what we were told. 

Teachers lost their jobs and all the students had to transfer. In 10th grade I was accepted to Snowden International, a very well known school. The school was in much better conditions but because the building was so small the school had three sites, the main building, the "Y" was shared with a hotel (located in the basement), and also a church. Though we had many good educational programs, the one thing we didn't have was gym, which is because there was no gym in any of the sites. I then transferred out of the school because I didn't feel like I fit in (which then changed the last couple of months of school but I have already been accepted). This now brings us to the 11th grade where I am now attending CASH. 

CASH is a better school for me in the case of getting help, and getting work extensions if I need them. The school also has JROTC which is really good if I'm interested in scholarships, which I am. I can tell that I'm blabbering on, so my point is our schools need more funding so we can get the education that other children in other schools get.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                      Lucy