Grace R. Louisiana

Student Loan Debt to Pricey

The next president needs to help students find a way to pay student loan debt.

Dear Future President,

Mark Pocan, politician, stated, “ By making college unaffordable and student loans unbearable,

we risk deterring our best and brightest from pursuing higher education and securing a good-paying

job.” We as the United States are losing student to the result of college prices. Likewise, this is causing

issues not only for students, but for colleges too. In no time many colleges could close do to not enough

students attending. As the next president you, should help the United States find ways to decrease

college prices, and help students find ways to pay off their loans. If you make a change now this could

make a change in many future college students lives. We need to find a way to solve this quickly

before colleges close and we have very few students attending our local universities.

To begin, it’s important that you as our next president find ways to decrease college payments.

If you don’t fix this the United States is going to have a bigger problem. So we as the US need to help

students find ways to pay their student loans. Most college students don’t have the money to attend the

college they wish t0 go to, because the prices are ridiculous. If this issue doesn’t get solved lots of money

in our local banks could be gone due t0 students not being able to pay off their loans. In the article

“Here’s What the Average American owes After College” states, “ report....for seven

years, but if you fail to make payments….it’ll scar your credit report even longer.” “ During this

time....may have trouble getting an auto loan, renting an apartment, or even getting a job. My citation

shows that when students don’t pay their bills it hurts them and the more they don’t pay the more there

credit report gets damaged. This will result in not be able to afford to pay apartment payments car loans

or even getting a good paying job to pay off those loans. When students can't pay lots of their bills before

college ends they will not get a good retirement fund. So they will not want to retire, this could lead to a loss of jobs because the job you are in doesn't want you anymore. In the article "Here's What the Average American Owes After College” states “...For every one dollar of student. debt… decreased… by $0.35." "So… 37,000… set yourself back 13,000 in retirement savings.” My citation shows that the more student debt you owe the last retirement fund you get. So this really needs to stop and quickly. Before we have many people homeless and living on the streets. This would be because their retirement funds have been

brought down to slim to none because of their student debts. I believe a student who gets into a good

college and can't afford it should not have to worry about money they should be able to go there if they

have a good reputation and good grades.In the article "Here's What the Average American owes After

College "states, " Attending a community college over an in-state school would save you a good $8000 a

year.” My citation is showing the students shouldn’t have to choose colleges they don’t really want to attend to because they can't afford to get into the college they would like to. Therefore this happens to many students because they are very smart and would love to attend, but they can't because they don't have ...amounts of money. I believe no matter in-state or out you should be allowed to attend where you


Once more, future president you should help out our college students who are suffering

because of student loan debt. This could help change the world for the better, many new students will

want to pay for college. I hope we make a change in this before something we don’t want to happen does.

Mr. or Mrs. president I really think we really need to change this because some of the well known

colleges could close because they’re too expensive. So please change this before many students don’t get

to go to college. I may be too young to vote but I am not too young to know what’s right for students

paying off their student loans.

Sincerely, Grace Roberts         

Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy

Gifted English Grades 6&7

Gifted English writers of Patrick F. Taylor Academy.

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