mayson m. Wisconsin

college tuition

college tuition is way too high and should be lowered.....

   My name is Mayson Maclennan I am in 9th grade, at Craig high school In janesville, Wisconsin. I think that this problem of college tuition should be solved and college tuition should be lowered.

I am writing a letter to you to show that this problem needs to be fixed. My problem is college tuition and it is way to high and it needs to be lowered, The average tuition for college is 32,000 for private, 9,000 for state residents universities, at public colleges and 23,872 for out of state universities. . These are some of the many reasons why college tuition should be lowered. First, Some people can't afford to go so they don't get the high education they need for the job they wanted to be. Some people can't afford to go not at all so the people that can't go have to work in a minimum wage job. Next, Since 1986 the price of college tuition has doubled so just imagine what it was in the old days were you couldn't make that much money so people since college has existed people have not been able to go because it has been to much money. Finally, In college when u get a degree it used to mean you could have a better future, when you get a student loan for college it makes it harder for low-income students to have things after college. This is why college tuition should be free and so other people can go to college to have a good life and career.

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