Matthew T. California

Is college really worth its price?

Opportunity and change is the goal for families.

Dear Future President,

Families all around the country are seeking opportunity and change. College has helped different families with living a new life. However, college takes a ridiculous amount of money. It is common for minority groups to have financial problems. Forty percent of low-income students who are accepted to colleges in the spring are unable to start their college experience in the fall. Although college has financial aid, most families still struggle with paying off college. Please President, make a change in our country. Many students deserve to go to college, but money is limiting their chances. Personally, money is just material. However, knowledge can essentially be kept forever. No one can take knowledge away from you. Furthermore, I believe knowledge speaks louder than money in this situation.

As a senior applying for college, financial aid saved my life. Think about those who don’t have the opportunity to get financial aid. Without financial aid, I wouldn’t be able to attend college, especially, since I don’t have many scholarships. Money is very tight for me at the moment. Some high school students must work and go to school to support their family. This alone is a very significant challenge. Adding college tuition would add gasoline into the fire. The average community college tuition is roughly 10,000 dollars. Average family income is 55,000 dollars. This leaves 45,000 dollars left for bills, food, and life necessities. For the top percentages of each class that got accepted to prestigious schools. Stanford's tuition is 45,000 dollars a year. UC Santa Cruz tuition is 27,000 dollars. This would not be counting books, courses, dorms, and etc.

Families severely struggle on the financial aspect . About thirty-six percent of people have fears about their own retirement plan. Besides college expenses, debt that’s already accumulated before college can be severe for families. Most minority families struggle with putting food on the dinner table everyday. This maybe cause an even more increase into their debt. Believe it or not, some families are unable to enjoy money. Money-conscious is a problem to some people. They save so much, that they don’t enjoy the benefits of money.

With all these financial issues, being in debt is very common in families. This causes students to neglect their own studies to pay off their debts. This could cause more stress for the students. This stress could convert to depression and/or suicidal tendencies. Moreover, this may force students to drop out of college. At the end of the day, these students face huge debts and no education. They leave college without any degree, and overall failed to complete their dream.

Please president save our students by helping with college expenses, increasing minimum wage, offer more financial aid, and by adding more scholarships. Do anything to help these students trying to seek opportunity. Reward those who earn their way into college. These little tasks make a difference towards our future.



Santa Clara High School

Flowers ERWC Period 6

This group is for seniors in Ms. Flowers 6th period ERWC class.

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