Erick A. California

Community College Should Be Free

Government should give a subsidy for college tuition

Dear Mr./Ms. President,
     The cost of college is a primary goal and, possibly, a destination for every student who seeks a type of success. In turn, there are many of those who do achieve this milestone. However, this feat is one that is not reached by everyone. There are those that are discouraged by the idea of debt and the insecurity of a degree in college. As a result, there has been a decrease in college attendees within the past few years. To encourage enrollment and improve the nation's well being, the government should cover, or subsidize the tuition for community colleges.

     The government's subsidy of college education would relieve the financial struggle that many college students face and inevitably display to those around them. The stereotypical stressful lifestyle of a college student is a reality. Most college students are working a part-time job to pay for living expenses and struggle with college debt. The hassle that is entailed with getting a higher education is the source of discouraged students, who find open full-time minimum wage jobs more available and in the, not so, short-term, more profitable. A subsidy would increase the availability of college to those-- most of the population--who can't afford college. 

     An investment in students would be an investment in a potential increase in the gross domestic product (GDP). By giving students a start-up on a higher education towards their desired degree, the potential amount of proficient workers, or available workers, would increase. The result would lead to a potential increase in productivity within the United States and, in turn, an increase in GDP. The start-up on a college education could be the improvement in a college attendee's life, as well as the nation as a whole. 

     The increase in availability of higher education that a government subsidy would create, would lead to an improvement in the well-being of society and the nation. Education is the key to the improvement in the lives of those who take it and even, as an inevitable result, those who don't take it. To many, it is an undiscovered treasure that hold a potential fortune in the future.