Shay'la s. California


In this letter, I will be highlighting my concerns about the higher cost of education and why there should be a change in this issue so all humans have the ability and Chance to have affordable and awesome education!

Dear Future President, 

I am writing to you today in terms of my concerns as a high school who is unsure about her future because I worry if I will get the proper education needed to be stable in my future. Most kids don't think about this problem until they reach their final years of high school and everything starts falling on top of us. Tuition. College. How are we going to pay for college? Why do we have to pay for college? Is this major right for me? How will I be able to pay off my college debts? Or the big two questions that trigger alarms in students minds: Can I even afford college? If not then why should i go? I wonder why are these the questions that arise when talking about education? Hy are students worrying before even getting to that point yet? As my future president, I am hoping that there is a suitable and effective plan for students as they go to college. I am hoping that you as my future president, stop the increases in college costs! I give you my vote so that means I am trusting you To have a good interest in my education and everybody else's. I always Look and find the good in things, and when I vote for you I hoping that I will be able to receive my college degree and say "my president did this for me". According to article published by Huffington Post, demonstrates how the costs effects students and they feel the burden of not being able to complete college because of their financial responsibilities. Please read: Everyone has the right to an education, wherever you may live. You should get a free ride to college but still have to pay for your books and all the other supplies that you may need. Many people in college struggle because they can not afford it and that's the reason why so many take out loans. I'm not saying people shouldn't work hard and be spoon fed, but a free college education sure would be nice.


shay'la smith.