Jeannette B. New York

College Cost

I wrote a letter to the next president regarding college costs.

Dear President,

A problem that affects a large portion of the population has come to my attention, college tuition has risen by considerable amounts in the recent years, causing many students to go into debt or not receive a quality education. Some students simply can’t afford the college tuition so they either don't get a quality education or go into debt getting it. Since I'm only in tenth grade this issue has not completely affected me yet but I plan to go to college when I graduate from high school and when I do I'm going to have to deal with the extremely high tuition costs.

From 1982 to 2007 college costs have increased by 439 percent, that's only 25 years and it has increased by that much. A study done by “Bank Rate” reported that nearly half of the families who planned to send children to college felt they could not afford to pay for a child's tuition. So since these students and their families can't afford the tuition they are forced to take out student loans, and in 2014 the average student graduated from college with $28,000 in student loans.

So many of the students and families all over the country can't afford these insane college costs. So they take the student loans and when they graduate they start paying them off, but what happens when they get out of college and they can't necessarily pay the loans right away because they don't have a job or are still looking for one, the loans default. So millions of students are graduating from college with thousands in debt and are forced to start a career with that debt.

Rising college costs can be blamed on the colleges directly who are making it more expensive so that they can compete with other colleges. But the government is also making money off of the rising tuition, the government is poised to make $127 billion in interest on student loans from 2016-2026. So the government is also profiting off of student debt.

I along with many others believe that we desperately need to fix this problem. Students deserve a quality education that doesn't put them in debt for the rest of their life.