Amelia New York

Climate Change

I wrote a letter to our next president regarding the issue of climate change.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

Global Warming has been an issue discussed since the 1970s by climate scientist worldwide. This problem was approached with caution at first due to people's nonbelief of this event. Over the years climate scientist and experts have gathered an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove that global warming is indeed real. In 1992 World Leaders gathered in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. During this discussion World Leaders talked about ways of how they could prevent further global warming. Many came to the agreement to reduce greenhouse emissions based on the evidence that global warming exists and human made CO2 emissions have caused it. The Kyoto Protocol was invented as an international treaty where 174 countries signed except

for three major countries that held the vast majority of CO2 emissions. These countries were China, India, and the United States. This is not ok, World Leaders must come together and update the Kyoto Protocol, adjust it, and make it more aggressive. This time China, India, and the United States must agree to the updated Kyoto Protocol. Action must be taken to ensure the safety of our people, the protection and preservation of our Earth and the welfare of or animals and plants that live amongst us.

Global Warming is believed and accepted by most people. A new poll from Monmouth University found that 70% of Americans believe the climate is changing. According to "Global Warming." Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, Gale, 2016 97% of climate scientist and experts agree that the Earth is rising at a rapid pace and that climate change has been caused largely by human activity. The Greenhouse Effect contributes to the cause of global warming. The Greenhouse Effect is when the atmosphere contains various gases that act as a blanket to trap heart from the sun and prevent it from escaping back into space. The gases that are produced from the Greenhouse Effect are carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Humans greatly contribute to releasing these gases into the Earth. When one uses certain fertilizer on their grass this can produce nitrous oxide. Methane emissions come from the production of fossil fuels from landfills and livestock. Humans have created and released gases that donโ€™t even occur in nature such as HFC, PFC, SF6 these gases are released during aluminum production and electrical transmission. These gases also have 1000x the effect than carbon dioxide, meaning they are 1000x more damaging to the Earth than carbon dioxide is. Considering all of the causes, one can clearly see that humans greatly contribute to these emissions being released into the Earth, this needs to change before things get even worse than they already are.


Amelia Brownstein