Marquesas C. North Dakota

Make 18 the Legal Drinking Age

Changing the MLDA to 18 could prevent many drinking related problems.

Dear Future President,

Unsafe drinking among teens is a very common problem in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4,300 deaths per year are caused by unsafe drinking among teens. That is a very alarming number and I believe that there is a way to reduce and control the amount of deaths. Lowering the MLDA, Minimum Legal Drinking Age, to 18 would allow teens to learn how to drink responsibly, reducing the amount of unsafe drinking accidents. If 18 year olds are allowed to vote, join the military, get married and by guns, why aren’t they allowed to buy/drink alcohol?

The current MLDA of 21 has little effect and does not stop teens from drinking but pushes underage binge drinking. Making the legal drinking age of 21 makes alcohol look appealing to anyone that can’t consume it, which results in binge drinking at parties or anywhere else they have alcohol in their possession. If the legal drinking age is lowered to 18, parents or educators could be there with them and teach them how to drink in moderation and they won’t be doing it illegally.

Another pro to lowering the MLDA to 18 is it could reduce traffic accidents in underage drinkers. Sense underage drinking is illegal teens are scared to ask for a ride because of the fear of the consequences that underage drinking brings. Drunk driving is very dangerous and could be fatal for everyone involved. Lowering the MLDA would make it easier for teens to get to where they need to be safely without getting in trouble with the law.

Some might argue that changing the MLDA to 18 can damage developing body systems, for example your immune system. I would argue that alcohol can damage your body systems at any age due to the fact that if you drink too much of it, alcohol can be poisonous. If parents teach them to drink it in moderation instead of binge drinking it, it won’t effect the youth in the long run.

Senator Judith Freeman said, “Underage drinking is not only illegal, it is dangerous, and it is up to adults to do the right thing by not allowing their property to be used for teen drinking parties.” Ultimately, it is up to you, our future president, to take these points into consideration to lower the MLDA to 18. With all of the listed potential benefits it could come with, such as preventing 4,300 deaths a year, it seems evident that this is a worthy change to make.