kacey m. California

Drinking age

I wrote about being an adult at 18 and not being able to drink or have tobacco products.

Drinking age

Kacey McLeod


Period 3

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Hi, my name is Kacey McLeod. I am 17 years old and I am a senior at MInarets high school. At a young age I was always told drinking and or smoking was very bad for you. People under the age of 18 that I knew felt we shouldn't have to wait until we are 21 to legally buy or consume liquor or tobacco. The drinking age of 21 was first passed in 1984.

Truthfully at the age of 18 we are known as an adult and have a right to vote for our country and who should run it. We are not allowed to consume liquor or tobacco products until the age of 21. If we are 18 and fighting for our country then we are allowed to consume tobacco products but not allowed to buy or consume liquor. Even if people under 21 are not allowed to drink they will find a way to drink. If they are allowed to drink in bars then you do have sober people watching them and someone to make a responsible decision if something happens. If they are alone drinking irresponsibly then no one will be there to help them if they need help. I understand teens take advantage of drinking and driving. In 2016 they made the tobacco age go up from 18 to 21. It is a problem with underage drinking and driving. A reason why teens drink is to feel like adults and do adult things, they want to feel like they are adult and trying to grow up fast. If we lower the drinking age to 18 and have tobacco back at 18 then we will truly be an adult by 18.