Naydelin R.P. Kentucky


Immigration has an important impact on our country.

                                                                                                                                        Louisville, Kentucky

  Dear future president,

Their are many issues in our country and one of the us immigration. We should care about immigration because immigration has a significant impact. On jobs, healthcare, poverty, education, taxes, wages and the environment. Their are different type of issues on immigration. Three of them are legal immigration, illegal immigration, and the economy. Their are a lot more issues of immigration but these are just some main ones.

   One issue of immigration is legal immigration. State and local law makers have and important decision to make. They have two chooses which are for them to stand up and maintain the rule of law and institute policies that that guarantee fairness and opportunity for all Americans. Or star and local law makers can just stand back and watch. As America's immigration system is systematically undermined by special interests.

Another issue of immigration is illegal immigration. Public school districts across the US are suffering under a massive unfunded mandate imposed by the federal government. The struggle to fund programs for students with LEP (limited English proficentcy). Which is also sometimes called ELL (english language learners). Which are a major drain represented on school budgets.

One last issue of immigration is the economy. Congress limits the number of immigrants we admit to this country. They do this because they want to protect job opportunities and prevent the erosion of wages for American workers. In my opinion every nation on earth limits immigration for this reason. Wages for a particular native cohort follow a negative trend when immigrants enter that cohort.

Immigration is an important issue of our country. Immigration also has a huge impact on our county's economy. Three issues of immigration are legal immigration, illegal immigration and our economy. These are only three issues of immigration but their are a lot more. In my opinnion it is not bad for people to just want a better life, but just that they should do it the right way.

                                                    Sincerely Naydelin R.P.    


Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

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