Jennifer P. Pennsylvania


immigration is one of the most important issue that united state face.

Dear Next President,

My name is Jennifer Ponce Alvarez and I live and study in Philadelphia.I want to talk to you about immigration .Immigration is important to me because I come from a central american country Honduras. I have see the lack of resources that many immigrants have in their home country many immigrate because of the violence (gangs and drug), or because they want a better live. If many immigrants get deported many family will be separate. Also the economic will be affected.That's why immigration is an important issue to the united state.

You can see that United States have multiple problem with immigration.The major problem why people immigrate to United States is because of the violence and the lack of resources in their home country . Imagine if all immigrants get deported many families would get separate .The economic would go down .why ?Because most of the immigrants are the one’s that work on construction, factories, and hard works. If they get deported they gonna lose a good education also going back for many of them would mean go into the violence. This example’s show why immigration is so important to United States and how the immigrants help the state become a strong country.

In addition about 2.5 million immigrants have settled in the united states.Nearly 800,000 of those immigrant arrived between 2013-2015. Many of those immigrants came to united state because of the violence (gangs and drugs ) in their home country most of them need to cross the border illegally. Because there escape their home immediately and sometimes the united state not given then the help they ask for so the only way to get away from the gang is coming illegally.

Statistic surrounding that Removing all 11.2 million undocumented immigrants, both forcibly and through Mitt Romney's infamous "self-deportation" policy, would take about 20 years and cost the government between $400 billion and $600 billion. The impact on the economy would be even larger, according to the study: Real GDP would drop by nearly $1.6 trillion and the policy would shave 5.7 percent off economic growth. For more information you can go to these webside In addiction many families have been split up because of deportation leaving children left to navigate growing up without a parent close by.This show that deportation is not a good action because it will affect united states economic.

To summarise immigration is one of the most issue the united states have why? Because affect the nation economic and political way is not only important to me is to many people that immigrate because they want a better life more opportunities to succes. Solution that you as the next president can do is to give permission to stay in united states to the people that prove they need to stay also give the dreamers there right to perform there way to college because many of them wish to have a education and career.Imagine stopping deportation it will benefit the united state economic because the immigrants play many crucial functions in the united state. For example they work hundreds of jobs integral to our society’s function and they diversify our language and culture by bringing their traditions here.