Selina H. New York

Immigrant rights to stay within the United States

The United States had been known as melting pot for many years due to the people who coming from many other country who contributed to our country and communities. There were lots of the immigrants who came to the United States long time and lived without a documentation that stated their rights to stay; therefore, they were classified as illegal immigrants or undocumented workers.

Dear Mister or Madam President, 

Today, immigrant population had been increased rapidly each year which many of the immigrants flow from other country, searching for freedom and justice within the United States of America. These people came to the United States for various reasons but they must all believe that the United States can bring a better chance of success in achieve their goal. These immigrants pick our country because we are so strong and we do well in our own communities. Therefore, our country should be able to hold and responsible for this incoming immigrants after knowing their safe identities and background in order for them enter the land. 

Out of thousands and thousands immigrants live in the United States, my family is one of them. My parents came to the United States more than ten years. They were still struggling towards the process of getting citizenship which can make them stay legally within the United States.  But my family is not the only one who struggle and suffer under these long process. However, there are a lot of people who experience much more difficulty than my family. According to MPI article, the United States have around 42.4 million immigrants in 2014 which is 13.3 percent of the whole population. As a president, these immigrants who live and contributed to the society for so long should be given their citizenship identities. 

People who came to the United States illegally often suffered under the payment of their job since they were undocumented workers which make extremely low amount of wages. The president should be responsible for the changes such as ensure the people within the United States receive equal treatment among the others. The immigrants who came to the United States should be able to receive some kind of certificate that allowed them to stay after they had be lived in the country for certain amount of years. Immigration is not a small issue which it might increase the economic and diversity within the country. It should be beneficial if the government manage the system well and make people satisfied under the governmental services.  

Lastly, the immigrants who coming into the United States increase each year. The government should be more strictly about the entry of these immigrants. However, after they pass the entry line and everything had been viewed; these people should be guarantee with the equality as the others. 

East-West School of International Studies

Government - 6th Period

EWSIS 12th Grade Government - Mr. Jacobson and Mr. Pierini

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