Christian L. Minnesota

Illegal Immigration

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This video helps show the cost and burden of illegal immigration.

It is getting harder and harder to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into this country. Over eleven million immigrants in this country are considered illegal. Combined together all those eleven million illegal immigrants cost around one hundred and thirteen billion dollars. We are spending more taxpayers money on illegal immigrants than we are on education, healthcare, and transportation combined. I believe that illegal immigration should be the priority of our future president because if we cut down on spending for illegal immigrants we could start focusing on the more important things.

If we cut down spending on illegal immigrants and start focusing on the more important subjects it could improve our economy. If we leave this matter untouched it could lead to more and more problems for our country. $113 billion dollars are spent on illegal immigrants every year and if we do not do anything about it we could be spending around double that in the coming years. Why does it matter? Other resources such as education, healthcare, and transportation all need more money spent on them. Secondly, with the saved money from the illegal immigrants we could also support the UN in its fight for peace. Why does it matter? Supporting peace could also help stop the flow of illegal immigration. Over all illegal immigration is costing us money that we could be spending on other things.

On the other hand most of the illegal immigrants fill most of the laboring jobs. The labor industry is filled with undocumented workers in fact, 5.1% of all workers in the labor industry are illegal/undocumented. It shows that most immigrating men work in the labor industry which means that it sometimes helps the economy. Illegal immigration has its pros and cons but overall a few extra jobs is not worth 113 billion dollars each year.

I feel the future president should enforce harsher laws on immigration and crack down on border security. The global goal that is most connected to this topic would be sustainable cities and communities. Saving money by stopping illegal immigration will help us have a better opportunity at funding and assisting the UN in its global fight for peace. We are in debt by trillions and trillions of dollars and fixing this issue will help boost our economy. 

Chaska Middle School East

Mrs. Johnson's 8th Grade Global Studies

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