Makenna P. Texas

Illegal Immigration

America needs to prevent illegal immigration.


Dear Future President,

I am writing this to address the major immigration problem our country is now facing. Our system is severely broken. Millions upon millions of illegal immigrants are flooding through our borders and getting federal assistance, (housing, food stamps, medical care, education), in hope of receiving amnesty, and ultimately citizenship. What happened to people having to come and work to be a part of this country? As an American citizen with ancestors that had to face many obstacles for their citizenship, I believe that it is unfair to allow those persons who are here illegally to get what so many have earned through the process of legal immigration.

Statistics show that in the year 2014 there were 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States. According to and Centers for Immigration studies, illegal immigrant households receive 33% more cash welfare, 57% more food assistance, and 44% more in Medicaid dollars then the average non-immigrant working household also collecting these benefits. This country was built on working for what you have, but that now seems to be deteriorating rapidly.

In conclusion, I believe that illegal immigrants should be deported to their country of origin and have to go through the established legal process to become United States citizens. Their drain on our public assistance resources is unfair to all of the immigrants that have gone through the legal process for citizenship as well as those of us born in this great country. Our country needs to take care of its own citizens before it tries to meet the needs of the millions of illegal immigrants sneaking across our borders.


Makenna P.