Christien Saline Minnesota


Abortion should be illegal.

Dear Next President,

My name is Christien David Saline. I was born October 22 1999 at 10:08 A.M. I am sending this letter to address a very serious situation that I think we need to stop in order to better our people. It’s affecting our communities and millions of lives that could be born in the future and that have a life ahead of them. By now you can guess that this topic is abortion, one of the biggest topics in political discussions today.

Abortion is a serious topic that has been discussed for many of years, and it is becoming more relevant these last couple of years and something needs to be done about it. We can’t keep going on and killing innocent babies everyday. They all have a life ahead of them, and we shouldn’t be able to take that away from them. It may be your body but they have their own DNA and cells and brain and organ systems and even a fingerprint at 8 weeks of age.

Some facts and statistics I would like to point out is over one million abortions happen every year. Over 18% of all pregnancies end in abortion in the U.S. Abortion should be illegal unless in some cases that should be investigated if so of rape. We need to stop the killing of the future of America just to convenience the life of others; you should live with your choices. At 21 weeks the baby can live outside of the womb with a little bit of help. At 8 weeks the baby feels pain and can recoil from pain. The baby can signal to its brain to move away from danger and it does just that when the doctor tries to get blood from the baby. They are living and can feel everything around it. At 8 weeks old all major organ systems are functional.

These are all reasons why we need to stop this madness. It’s insane and we can’t justify it and say “I wasn’t ready.” The baby should live a life and make something out of it. It’s murder, plain and simple.


Christien David Saline

West Saint Paul, Minnesota

Henry Sibley High School

Grade: 11

Henry Sibley High School


Ms. Imm's American Lit classes

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