Sammie R. Minnesota

Gender Equality

Women and men deserve all of the same rights and opportunities. Also, women should not be known as the lesser gender and should be treated with more respect all around the world.

Dear Future President,

Gender Equality is when men and women are treated equally and have the same rights. All around the world, people think of women as the lesser gender but they’re both equal and don’t deserve to have less rights than men have. Therefore, I believe that women should get payed the same as men and have the same marriage rights as men do globally. This is because we have already had so much progress with global problems yet women and men still aren’t treated the same, women get way less rights, and get treated with less respect than men do.

“White women earn 20% less than men make and women of color make even less. Black women make 60 cents every dollar men make and Hispanic women make 55 cents every dollar men make.” (The American Association of University Women (AAUW), 1). Therefore, “the average woman will make $430,480 less than her male counterpart over the course of 40 years of work.” (Fortune Magazine, 1) Women should get paid the same as men. I don’t understand why they don’t because they work just as hard. Also, why do women of color get paid even less? They work just as hard as any other human would. This matters because women aren’t payed as much as men when they work just as hard and are given less opportunities for education and jobs.

Also, Women should have the same marriage rights as men all around the world and should never be forced to marry someone who they don’t truly love or have never even met. “Marriage Rights are not that big of a problem in USA. But, in Kenya when a married couple gets divorced the women are left with nothing but their clothes and the man gets rights to everything else” (Rockefeller foundation, 1). Also, “In South Asia, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa, where the practice of child brides and forced marriages are most common. Girls under the age of 18 are forced to marry men they’ve never met.” (Rockefeller foundation,1). Equal Marriage rights between men and women matters because no one should be forced to spend the rest of their life with someone that they don’t want to. Also, everyone no matter what gender someone is, they should get equal rights on marriage globally because we’re all human and neither gender is better than the other.

On the other hand, some people do believe that some women do apply for jobs that don't pay as much. For example, when single moms have to work for a part-time job so that they are able to take care of their children and have time to nurture them. Since they are not able to come to work as often and could easily fall behind in work from constantly being busy with their children, then this could cause them to get payed less. “Men and women also paid a similar career price for taking off or working part time. Women, however, were vastly more likely to do so but not too much more. Somehow as a result, 15 years after graduation, the men were still making about 75 percent more than the women.” (Daniel Indiviglio, 1) This matter because it shows how women may take a little more time off than men but men still somehow make 75% more than women. Therefore, some may think that women taking time off for their family is the cause of men getting payed more than women but women actually barely take more time off than men and somehow men still get payed way more than women.

There are many solutions to help reduce gender inequality. First, making laws to ensure that all businesses pay men and women equally. Second, make arranged/forced marriage illegal in the United States and work with other countries to help get them to make forced marriage illegal in their countries or at least make more laws that will reduce forced marriage. This connects to the UN’s initiative of Gender Equality. If we solve this problem in the US this would support the UN’s initiative because single moms globally are struggling with financial issues because of women not getting equal pay. This causes more women to easily suffer with poverty. Therefore, if we solve or even reduce Gender Inequalities this will also have a positive impact on reducing poverty. This is a major global problem that can be solved or at least reduced and would be greatly appreciated by tons of citizens all around the world.


Sammie R.

Chaska Middle School East

Mrs. Johnson's 8th Grade Global Studies

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