Cole T. Minnesota

Black Lives Do Matter

Black lives should not be in danger because of misconceptions that people are having about them. They shall be treated with the same respect as everyone else, and have equal rights.

Dear Future President,

Hello President. My name is Cole and I am a student at Chaska Middle School East, here to show you that Black Lives Matter too. The issue and purpose of this movement, is that black people aren’t getting the same rights and aren’t getting treated the same as other races. They are being treated as if their lives don’t matter. “The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments should have rectified the legal disparities that affected black Americans, but it took more than a century for Congress to pass legislation to say “No, we really mean it.” The people that are being affected by this are all African-Americans that deserve equal rights but aren’t getting it. I believe that discrimination against African-Americans needs to come to an end and we need equal rights no matter what for all people worldwide.

I am with this movement in ending racism.  No one shall be treated differently because of gender, race, nor religion. “Black Americans have, for the entire history of this country, faced a legal system that treats them differently than white citizens.” Since the beginning of the United States of America, black people have been legally and illegally discriminated against. This matters because no one shall be treated different because of their race. Secondly, many African-Americans are being killed because of misconceptions that officers are having because they are black. “Since the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s killer in 2013 and the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, the phrase “black lives matter” has become a rallying cry for a new chapter in the long black freedom struggle.” As stated in this passage, two men lost their lives because a misconception that an officer had about them. This shows that all racists need to think twice before they end up taking someone else’s life from them. This matters because people are losing their lives because of misconceptions that people and officers are having, just because of their race or color. Families shouldn’t have to come home hearing that one of their family members has died, because of the color of their skin. This needs to come to a stop before more people continue dying.

However, this movement is turning to violence. And, it needs to become peaceful before people get out of hand. There are many African-Americans taking this movement too far and it is only leading up to more shootings and more people getting arrested. “Anyone who really cares about all black lives ought to think twice before they get on this movement’s bus. It’s heading in the wrong direction.”(Unruh) As it states in this passage, if you really care about all these black people’s lives, then you will join the opposite movement in stopping this event. This matters because these African-American believe that this movement is helping blacks get equal rights throughout this world, but really, with the way they are approaching their rights, it is often making things worse. 

As the President of the United States representing the people, I believe that you could play a bigger role in leading equality and obtaining a peaceful society. All lives should matter. Therefore, when tying this into Global Goals, I believe this follows best with Global Goal 10, Reduce Inequalities. This would help the US support the UN’s initiatives because if we reduce the amount of inequalities different people are facing right now, then gradually overtime, everyone will be treated equally. This needs to be a priority for our next President’s agenda because racism needs to come to an end and everyone needs equal rights, and shall be treated equally. The United States should be the model of human rights that the world should look to follow.


Cole T.


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This follows my point because this image shows how black people are suffering and “can breathe" while at the same time showing that all black lives matter the same amount as everyone else’s.

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