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Marijuana usage for medical reasons shouldn't be legalized

Marijuana usage for medical reasons shouldn't be legalized. It's an offense Under Frederic law and can cause harm to those who use marijuana as a treatment.

Dear Future President,

Marijuana usage for medical reasons is already legal in 23 states including the District of Columbia; the other 27 states shouldn’t legalize the use of marijuana for medical reasons. Marijuana can be described as a helpful drug for medical reasons. But cannabis is actually a really harmful drug. it’s described as a dangerous plant, and in many people’s perspective, it can be described in a negative way.

Since 1996, 23 states and Washington DC have passed laws allowing marijuana to be used for a variety of medical conditions. Smoking marijuana for medical reasons, however, is not legal or approved in many states. With the state marijuana laws it does not affect the fact that using marijuana continues to be an offense under federal law. In it’s claimed to say that “Under federal laws, marijuana is still illegal and viewed as a highly addictive drug and have no medical value; rather it’s treated like any other type of controlled substance like cocaine. Federal government places theses controlled substance in a schedule and because cannabis can be an abuse for medicinal reasons it’s classified as schedule 1 drug under the CSA.” Although the federal government disagree to the idea of marijuana usage for medical reasons; these states laws does not change the criteria for FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) approval of safe and effective medications. With that many of the states are debating about the the safety, efficacy and legality of their marijuana laws. In it says, “Many locals government are creating zoning and enforcement ordinances that prevent marijuana dispensaries from operating in their communities.” If local governments are creating zoning to prevent the idea of marijuana usage in their communities, this is basically trying to say that they want to stay away from it as far as possible and that the use of cannabis for medical reasons is not necessarily needed. Just because the use of marijuana has been legalized doesn't necessarily mean that every state or country follows the same exact contract for the marijuana state laws. Meaning that there are some distinctive difference in the marijuana laws that some states follow some laws and other states do not agree to follow. In from the state medical marijuana/cannabis program laws it shows some things that a state agrees to do and some that don’t, for an example Alaska will recognize patients from other states to use marijuana as a treatment, but for California won’t accept patients from other states or country. Every states should follow the same marijuana state laws, because it such a powerful drug to use for medical reasons and if every state does not follow the same marijuana state laws then and does not choose too then they shouldn't legalize the use of marijuana.

Marijuana can be described as a dangerous plant, but it’s also useful as a treatment for nausea. Marijuana is a good treatment for vomiting and can also be used as an appetite stimulant, this is when someone suffered from weight loss related to HIV/AIDS. Cannabis also help with glaucoma those who suffers from eye vision meaning loss of vision; in it said that “marijuana well help decrease the pressure in the eye, according to the National Eye Institute:” This quote talks about how marijuana can help those who suffer from eye disease. Marijuana can also help with “...cancer seizures, muscular dystrophy,....” and many other type of other symptoms and sickness ( RL marijuana can help with eye vision then those who suffer from eye vision well want to give marijuana a try or just in general any other type of symptoms that they have and can be helped by using marijuana. A story about a little girl who is: Charlotte, she has darvant syndrome, which means that she’ll get seizure frequently, it’s hard to control the seizure, and causes severe developmental delays. And according to the video marijuana has helped her decrease her seizure from having 300 seizures a week to only just one seizure a week. From a website; it explains how marijuana help a person with seizure, “The doctors who recommend this treatment says that the cannabis in the plant interacts with the brain cells to quite the excessive activity in the brain that causes these seizures." Surprisingly marijuana can help deal with seizures for such a benefit, but you’ll never knew if the drug will keeping helping with her seizure in the long run. It’s already been said that marijuana well later endanger the user's health. Marijuana is not necessary need as a treatment there can probably be other types of drugs that can help her with her seizures; in opinion using marijuana for medical reasons is not safe and it shouldn’t be used or legalized.

Marijuana can helped with so many things, but to see it in this way the more you use it as a treatment it can affect you further more in a dangerous way, and most likely everyone wants to use a drug for the better of their health and not to hurt their health. When you use cannabis to better your eyesight it may help you little by little and may seem like the treatment is working, but the side effects of that is that it could further endanger the user's eye health: which this statement is also claimed to be said in ( Some people use marijuana as a treatment by smoking, like said, it may seem like it’s helping but the more you continue to smoke it, it’ll just hurt your health more; cannabis contain toxic gases and particles that can damage the lungs. Cannabis is used by smoking for some health reasons but it’s proven that those who smoke marijuana and those who just smoke tobacco there’s a big difference between them; using marijuana as a treatment by smoking harms the person’s health by a lot more than those who just smoke tobacco, so under some circumstances marijuana shouldn’t even be used by smoking to better a person's health. Marijuana or the cannabis plant itself has many chemical within it, “marijuana contains unstable mixture of more than 400 types for chemicals with numerous toxic psychoactive chemicals” and that the chemical is primarily and extensively unstudied ( It’s hard to say, but with this it means that “the whole action of marijuana will affect in the brain and body in many ways and mostly it’s a mystery”( . A small study Harvard found that marijuana seems to stabilize the brains of people who suffer from bipolar disorder. Some studies show the drug actually raises the risk of developing mental illness, but those findings are controversial” ( Young users who use marijuana in the long run it will become an addiction and can become more of a drug; marijuana shouldn’t be used as a treatment in the first place because with this it can prevent those youths or adults that has never tried marijuana before turn that drug into an addiction.

Marijuana can be a good use for medical reasons, many states has already legalized the use of cannabis, but some states backed out from legalizing marijuana usage because they understand the endanger it can bring to the person after the long run of using marijuana. States that hasn’t legalize the use of marijuana, shouldn't legalize the use of marijuana for medical reasons for the better of the states and citizens.


Jeng Lar Lor

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