Leslie S. Florida

Equality and Justice for All

Written for the next president to base decisions on the concept of what America really stands for and not to single out groups of people or generalize a population.

Dear Future President,

I have never been more scared of two candidates running for presidency in my whole life. To see my future leaders tear one another apart to put themselves on top makes me question what we are really fighting for. Is America going to stay true to its idea of freedom, and justice for all, or is it going to become a nation where only the privileged become even more privileged?

Yes, all lives matter, but when you have parents and families crying over an unarmed teen shot to death by a police officer with no justice, who's life really does matter? No one seems to be focusing on problems that have recently been surfacing all across the United States. Stop singling out races for things like terrorism if you cannot even look at our own and realize that terrorism exists everywhere regardless of your ethnicity. For example, Dylann Roof, a Caucasian American man, shot up a church due to his own bias beliefs of African Americans. Which to other countries would have been seen as an act of terrorism but to us we label it as a mental illness to protect our country's reputation. While we are too busy taking our native terrorists to McDonalds and shooting our unarmed minorities, we should be focusing on changing gun laws and ending racism.

Instead of discriminating on other races because you believe they are rapists, create programs that teach people not to rape. Brock Turner, a student at Stanford University, was found guilty of rapping another student and received little to no time in jail. When the student that was raped first spoke about the incident, majority of people asked her "what were you wearing?" and "how much did you drink?" implying that she was the reason for getting raped. As a female citizen to know that women are taught to not get raped instead of men being taught to not rape is heartbreaking. If we are a country where justice is meant to be provided for all, why is the rapist being praised for going to an ivy league school while the victim is being shamed for being a victim?

 As the next leader of America, I feel as though one of your top priorities should be to teach right from wrong, and if not you, then good morals need to be applied in schools, or to communities to at least attempt to make a change. Take these concepts into consideration throughout your presidency, because America is founded on equality, and justice for the people. And, if one is taken away, then all of them are taken away. Instead of being the Land of the Free, we would just a piece of land united by nothing.

Here's to the next four years.


Leslie Sabala

Mourning Senior High School

Hoover Period #5

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