Ashley L. Ohio


Abortion is already legal and it should stay that way.

Dear Future President,

Although I am not old enough to vote, I know that abortions are a big common issue. Most women who get abortions each year don’t like admitting because they feel ashamed, and women should not have to feel ashamed over something they want, reminding us that the people of the U.S are caught up in this subject and only thinking of the negatives in the situation. Women should be free and have rights, because after all, the United States is a free country. The government can’t control everything that people do. Women should be able to make decisions by themselves.

Some causes as to why women have legal or illegal abortions is because either women don’t plan on having a child, rape, or they just can’t afford to have a child or abortion. Each year, 10-20 million abortions are illegal. Ilegal abortions are unsafe and cause 13% of womens death each year due to complications. In 1965, 265 deaths occured due to illegal abortions. If abortions were legal and people knew how to do them, many women wouldn’t be dying each year.

Abortions are affecting people all over the world. It is a big decision for people if they want to get an abortion or not. More than 40% of all women will end up getting an abortion. That is a lot of women who have decided to get an abortion, and it was definitely a hard decision for all of them. Women are getting abortions because they thought hard about it, they aren’t just getting an abortion to have one.

Nothing is really being done about the abortion problem. There is a little bit going on but whatever is going on is just fighting about whether or not abortion should be legal or not. Since 1973, the U.S Supreme Court decided to make abortion legal, and hundreds of federal and state laws have been either propsed or passed. If the U.S Supreme Court made abortions legal, why can’t we just leave it that way? Even if the government does take away abortions, many women are still going to get them illegally, risking their lives. This is why the government should make them legal because women will still get them if they really want one and possibly die from it. If doctors knew how to perform them correctly, many women wouldn’t be dying from them. So, Future President, what are you going to do to make abortions right?



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Brookville 8th Grade Students

8th grade students at Brookville Intermediate School have been studying issues that are important to them. They are posting their letters to the next president in order to have a voice in the upcoming election.

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