Noelle S. Georgia

Human Trafficking Exposed

Human traffickers barely get enough time, and that needs to change!

Dear Future President,

Did you know that 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked every year? Human trafficking is the recruitment and exploitation of people for their own benefit. Human trafficking generates billions of dollars every year. There are too many traffickers that aren’t getting enough time. Also people need to get more education on what human trafficking is and how to avoid getting involved in it.

There are way too many women and kids being trafficked. The traffickers usually get the women or children by force, kidnapping, threat, or even recruitment. As a result of the person being removed from their natural habitat, it creates a loss of human resources. The loss of human resources is because the woman they just took might have had a job. It can even affect the economy, local and national labor markets, and even corruption according to Soroptimist. The victims tend to turn to drugs and alcohol to relieve the pain. They also suffer from mental and physical problems such as PTSD, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, and so much more. The traffickers tend to not get a lot of time in jail. A man named Freddy Soriano Leguisamon was charged with 54 counts of general prostitution and was only sentenced to three years in jail according to ABC News. It’s outrageous how someone could only get three years in jail for treating someone like a slave.

To hopefully prevent human trafficking the human traffickers should get more time and we should educate people more about it. Traffickers typically prey on poor and unemployed people. They usually go after women and children too. We should create more programs to teach them what to do if they’re in a situation where a trafficker might be going after them. In school we have F.I.T time when we do math drills. Instead of doing math drills we could teach people about what human trafficking is. Also, we should give traffickers more time hopefully by giving them more time they won’t revert to their old ways. On the other hand some people might think traffickers should continue to get the same amount time they’re getting now. The victims suffer from mental illness and some of the traffickers might also suffer from mental illness. By having a mental illness they might not even realize what they’re doing is wrong. Therefore, they should continue getting the little time they’re getting now.

By educating more people about human trafficking we could prevent it from happening. By giving the traffickers more time they might realize they should never do it again. Would you want Ivanka or Chelsea to be forced to have sex with someone or even get their organs removed and the person who did that only get a couple of years in jail?


Noelle S.