Terri Georgia

Illegal Immigration

Undocumented immigrants should become American citizens in this nation.

Dear Future President,

Ever experienced someone changing themselves just to fit in? Just like the Native Americans change for Europeans, maybe Elsa hid her true self for her parents in Frozen, or even my friends trying to change their appearance for a certain group. Illegal immigrants are making fake identifications just to be considered Americans. Because of their misfortunes, they are just wandering around hoping to receive a card. The government is shoving them away like children pushing vegetables on a plate. Undocumented immigrant should become American citizens in this nation.

To begin with, Foreigners are traveling from all borders trying to become legal. For instance, Mexicans are sitting on the border deciding to attempt at American life. Why are we doing nothing about this situation? The problem is we are becoming a bystander noticing them stay illegal. Society is failing to realize that these immigrants could actually help this country. With great differences, come many pleasures. That statement means they know things that we don’t, and it could increase our economy. Not only that, but immigrants are living in distressed and poverty. The illegal immigrants are without identification to even become a citizen. Reportedly, 40% of immigrants are living with different identities or with none at all. They are unknown of their choices; unable to guarantee their children a promised future. Principally, Foreigners are struggling to have a chance at American documentation.

“Maybe we can just ignore them. Let’s set up borders, and let them figure it out own their own.” These are the words portrayed in my head that I believe adults mean, when they no. In my opinion, I consider this is an elementary context to think of immigrant as. Not saying all of them should become legal, but a good amount should. A proposed solution is to get the proper Homeland Security to register the immigrants lying on the border. In the words of ProCon.Org, it is indeed possible for immigrants to become documented; the law of Congress and Homeland Security could legalize them. Once they are in the system, they can have a foundation of employing for simple jobs. Jobs will benefit them when staying apart the American system. Recent clinics can provide some insurance for a few years; insurance is a prominence to immigrants. If that doesn’t satisfy your motive, then think about funding in them. The nation could raise campaigns to create jobs and insurance for the immigrants. States don’t approve of letting them become legal because of their social background. “Some of these immigrants are illegal dangerous,” said Daniel Horowitz from Congress. Well, less than 30% of illegal immigrants actually show suspicious character. Therefore, the majority should be accepted. Also, we can solve this terrorist problem by inspecting all of their backgrounds. In general, the illegal immigrants should have a basic life, when being documented.

To sum it all up, illegal immigrants should go through programs to become American citizens. Think about this Sir or Madame, we are all human existing on this Earth. Let our agencies help the people who are illegal and immigrants. They shouldn’t fake any identification. Do you really want those people to serve a tragic life?

Thank you,

Terri C.