Beyonace Rogers Illinois


Everyone should have equal human rights like anyone else in the U.S.

To: Donald Trump

From: Beyonace Rogers

Dear, Mr president

The rumors about you are mostly all negative. Your plans are to make America great again. My question is when has America ever been great for anyone besides males. Equality is a big part of being an American. The great thing about America is that we have a democracy, and we have the amazing ability to vote for who we want. Obviously a majority of America wanted you to be president.

Most of the people who voted for you were anti-feminist and racist people. You want to make America great again right? The problem with that is that you are only talking to white males. What about the African Americans, Or the Mexicans, Or the Muslims? Or EVEN WOMEN???

What are you gonna do for them? What are you going to do to benefit their needs. Since you put yourself into this position as a president you need to own up and realize that there are much bigger problems than building an unnecessary wall to block out any immigrants! What did the mexican people do to you? Why bother them when they came here for a better life?

If you are gonna block people out of the United states that you might as well take down Lady Liberty because she welcomes all races and all people to the United States of America. My point is that you shouldn't be trying to bring America down farther. Equality is needed in this country. You are now the president that women and other people are afraid of. I'm almost certain that you want to be re-elected.

In order to do that don't go against what everyone else in America wants. Don't be so childish, act your age. You shouldn't have been so disrespectful to women during your election debates and your private conversations on the bus. You could be the president that everybody loves.

Now you want to build a wall and kick out all illegal immigrants. That is very disrespectful and rude. They are just trying to make a living. Building a wall and making them leave is so unnecessary because they have done nothing wrong at all. I do respect the fact the you don't sugar coat anything you say.

You should just think about how other immigrants feel. I understand if they are here illegally but if they are here legally don't send them back you should leave them alone. You just got into office though so let's see what good things can you bring to the United states.

East Prairie

8th SS AM

8th SS AM

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