Anna Pennsylvania

Law for Abortion

I would like to tell you about abortion.

   In my experience there are so many illegal abortions after 20 weeks. In this day, abortion is one of the most popularly performed clinical procedures in the United States. I think you should create some law about abortion.We need to create something that outlaws abortion after 20 weeks and make rules for abortion before 20 weeks.

Historically, women around the world have tried to end their unintended pregnancies whether abortion is legal or not, often jeopardizing their safety and health by self-inducing or seeking a dangerous illegal procedure.

Legalization of abortion allows women to obtain timely abortions, thereby reducing the risk of complications. We need to create law that makes you fill in a paper and explain your position for abortion and why you think about abortion.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 92 percent of abortions in 2009 were performed within the first trimester (64 percent were performed at under eight weeks gestation). Few abortions (7 percent) were performed at 14–20 weeks gestation and even fewer (1.3 percent) were performed greater than 21 weeks gestation. I think about all these babies and who they could have been. This Is why I write for you this message.


Anna Vetritskaya