Juliana Pennsylvania

Immigrants Students Tuition

It would be beneficial for U.S help to immigrant students to receive tuition to go on a College or University.

 NOVEMBER 2, 2016

Dear Sir President,

The immigrant population in the United States is about 13.3 percent of the total population, and the majority of these people are undocumented. A big part of immigrants do not get help from the government. It is important for immigrant students to receive tuition to take college and universities because it would be beneficial for United States. If immigrants students received help from government then they would have a better jobs and can back to country.

However people who are affected by this issue are immigrants students because it is difficult for them pay tuition to go on to a college, because they need to help provide a income to their families. In addition the government doesn’t help them to pay tuition to go on college or private University. For this reason a major part of the students who graduated from high school don’t go on to attend college, otherwise they begin to look for jobs to receive money. However immigrants students who went to attend college in 2008 still are paying back money that they received.

If immigrants students received help, then they would be able to help the United States. For example they could make their own business, they could create their own jobs. Immigrants could be our engineers, scientists, or innovators. With these innovations the United States will improve in their economy and will make the U.S a better country. Another way for example that would be beneficial to improve economic is by Health Service, because if immigrant don’t have the opportunity to have the services, they would pay to obtain it. All of this reasons can improve to push students to do better and do better in this country.

I think the government needs to help immigrants students because can be expensive for them to attend a college or university. Also because most of the people came to the U.S to have better opportunities. My family doesn’t have the requirements for me to attend college, because in the U.S my dad doesn’t have opportunities to have better jobs and he is working to save money to do it. But also sometimes situations can happen that people would need to use the saved money. This is one reason why immigrants don’t have money for tuition.

Undocumented students should pay back to the U.S all of money that they received in the course of their education. In the U.S Americans think that immigrant students can afford money to go into college, however they need to work a lot to get this money. It is important for immigrant students to receive help with tuition to afford college, then they will be able to improve and have better opportunities.For immigrant students it can be difficult sometimes to get better opportunities. Immigrants would feel supported by knowing that the government can help them.


Juliana Beristain