Alexia S. Florida

Immigration in the USA

One of the most controversial problems in our country: the problem of immigration.

The Honorable President

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr./Mrs. President:

As a concerned resident of the United States of America I would like to point out one of the most controversial problems in our country: the problem of immigration. It is a very complicated circumstance to deal with. There are people fighting to have a better life but they are also not doing it in the best way possible.

The main reason Iā€™m writing this letter is to remind you that the number of people coming into this country only keeps increasing and that we must find a way to help our hopeful immigrants achieve their goals and continue on their path to success.

These last years the immigrations rates have been estimated to be at around 12 million all around the country. Let it be reminded that we are talking about hard-working people, who pay taxes, and always try to give the best version of themselves but clearly cannot go past the barrier of not having a legal status.

There are millions of children willing to cross the border in order to escape from a violent and dangerous lifestyle in their home country. They risk their lives and try to have a better future.

Clearly, deportation is not a solution for this problem. It just separates families that have been working in this country for years and contributing to the economic growth of the United States, and leaves them heartbroken. Our government should analyze and evaluate each case to offer them a legal status in which these people can continue to fulfill their wishes and successfully grow.

Thank you for considering this matter,


Alexia Sentmanat

Alexia Sentmanat

[email protected]

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