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Make America Green Again

In this letter, we dive deep into the ocean to explore the many problems we are causing and how the ocean and animals are being affetced.

Dear Next President:

There are problems between our interactions and the environment. Some of our practices may be giving money to people but the environment is being destroyed.

First I’d like to mention global warming and the effects it has on the Northern and Southern poles. There has been a rise in ocean temperature, about 2 degrees. Because of this, the ice caps are melting. If they melt completely tons of animals will be left without a home. It’s possible for a certain species to go extinct because the animals will have no land to rest on and will have to swim many miles to reach another land. During their swim, they could die from starvation or drowning. Not only will animals be affected but people too. If all the ice melts the ocean could rise 230 feet. People who live on the coast would have to find a different place to live. If global warming doesn’t stop people and animals will be affected.

The next issue goes along with the last one. It is the rise in ocean temperature. As you have heard the ice will melt and animals will have no place to live. But if the animals do survive the swim, where would they go? One place is Alaska. Polar bears have actually been migrating to a few villages in Alaska. They might have a new place to live, but this could cause problems between them and humans. The bears are hungry and desperate to find food. Where is the nearest food source you might ask? People’s trash. The bears are digging through citizens trash cans and destroying property.

Finally, I’d like to address the issue of deep-sea mining. While making miners wealthier, the ocean becomes deprived of natural resources. It would be a shame to ruin the oceans when it covers more than half the globe. Is deep-sea mining so important that we don’t have to about all the pollution it’s causing? People travel across the sea, we even get some of our food from the sea. If you think the ocean doesn’t matter then keep on destroying it.

I hope you take all of these points into consideration and make a change in the way we treat our earth.



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