Jett F. California

Letter to the future president

As president, there are many problems that the United States is facing that you must work toward ending, such as immigration and terrorism.

Dear Future President,

My name is Jett Felder, and I live in California. I am writing you because America is growing more problematic and I believe that some major changes must be made. When you are president, I hope that you will help Americans by focusing on issues like terrorism and immigration. In my experience, lives have been ruined by these problems and they must be addressed and taken care of.

Terrorism is an important issue in America because ISIS has killed hundreds of people. I believe that the US should work with other countries to defeat ISIS because they are growing more powerful and can not be defeated alone. According to, it can be said that people will continue to be killed until terrorism is eradicated. September 11, 2001 demonstrates that only one attack can end countless lives, and that the issue of terrorism is very much worth addressing.

Another large issue in the United States is immigration. The Department of Homeland Security estimated that approximately 11.4 undocumented immigrants lived in the United States as of January of 2012. Not only that, but undocumented immigrants are more likely to be doing hard work for little money. They are also more likely to become criminals, which is why I believe that more high-paying jobs should become available to these immigrants and an easier path to citizenship made.

In conclusion, these are only a few of the important issues that the United States must look into if they want to continue to flourish. When you are president, I hope that you focus on these problems and pass laws that will help immigrants earn better lives and work together with other countries to defeat ISIS. If you are able to do some of these things, or at least start working toward ending these epidemics, you will surely be an amazing president.


Jett Felder

Campbell Middle School

Ms. Caudle's Class

Ms. Caudle's eighth grade classes at Campbell Middle School

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