Ashlyn D. Wisconsin

Gun Control

Why we should consider the amount of firearms dangerous.

Dear future president, I think that stricter gun laws should be implemented to restrict the amount of guns people have.

"The research on this is overwhelmingly clear, no matter how you look at the data, more guns mean more gun deaths." This statement, is followed by a graph, of the data they are referring to.

As you can see, by this graph comparing percent of gun ownership to gun deaths, Where the percentage of gun ownership per household is high, the gun deaths are also high, and a steady increase along the middle of the data.

Some statistics about the amount of guns in the US could correlate higher gun violence, in fact, "The United States has about 88.8 guns per 100 people, or about 270,00,000 guns."  Using this information, paired with the fact that more guns mean more gun death, we should be more worried. Also, perhaps making it harder to obtain firearms may lower the shootings, by keeping guns out of the wrong hands.

Some sources may say that gun control isn't a problem, but this fact is a reason we should try to find a solution, before more people get killed. "There were a total of 464,033 gun deaths between 1999 and 2013: 270,237 suicides, 174,773 homicides." This is a problem to consider, and we will hopefully find a solution to in the near future.  The same article says that guns are the leading death by homicide.

That is why I think we should consider gun control a problem worth figuring out the answer to. Perhaps, adding more gun control would be the best option. Thank you for listening, Mister or Miss president. 


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