Michael D. Minnesota

Drain the Swamp

Get Special Interests Out of Politics

“Who is in charge? Is it taxpayers or is it the special interest groups?” Scott Walker

Washington has been overrun by special interests. These special interest lobbyists are ruining the political system because instead of congressmen or women who make the laws, it is the "swamp" of special interests. Having someone who is unaffected by special interests is essential because the amount of special interests in Washington is at an all-time high––without any signs of stopping. Not only do we need to create more laws that block special interests, but we need to decrease the power that the government has. If the government's power is increased, the power of special interests is decreased, resulting in a purer and less corrupt government. This is what the founding fathers wanted for the United States, but corporate and government greed has ruined their intentions. 

I hope that having someone who is not involved in politics can look past what our current politicians and previous presidents haven't. This is one of the main reasons you were voted president, and I hope you keep your promises of being for the people. You are the leader of this nation and you should reflect the people, not the 0.0001% of special interest who already have too much influence over Washington.