Mandolin Huynh California

The roots to all our problems? Discrimination.

My take on what causes our nation grief in all aspects

Dear Future President,

I would like to start of with a congratulations on your election to the presidency. It is a very high honor that will impact our country for several generations, and with this great power comes great responsibility. The twenty-first century has carried many ideals and issues in terms of gender equality, immigration, gun control, inequality, and many others. But one major umbrella that is emphasized by these categories is discrimination.

Discrimination in general terms would mean “the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things”(Webster), and things subject to discrimination would not be constricted or limited to gender, race, or age. One particularly controversial topic on discrimination, according to the article "Police Brutality and Race", would be the recent occurrences of police brutality. America’s past history with slavery in general had branched out into racism against African Americans, but it does not stop there. Other people in the United States had begun to face racial injustice towards Native Americans and the other discriminators such as one revolving around Anti-Semitism, or just religion in general. I really hope you would address the issue our nation has right now regarding police brutality, because the police force was created to establish a sense of security among our community. But now it has become a symbol of racial discrimination. As our president, it is your duty to establish and trust and security among the nation.

Another form of the discrimination or oppression in our society is the discrimination of our basic rights. Over the past month according to the New York Times, Standing Rock, the title of the recent conflict of the South and North Dakota Pipeline has taken headlines. It was also mentioned that, “The $3.7 billion Dakota Access pipeline is meant to carry crude oil from the Bakken fields of western North Dakota to Illinois, 1,170 miles to the east. It would not enter tribal land but it would pass close enough for the Sioux to fear grave damage from a leak or spill.” The statement on the pipeline has angered the Sioux, spiking up concern for the critical risk of the pipeline’s oil contaminating their most vital life source, fresh water. Peaceful protests among the Native Americans, and other willing individuals, had been commencing for the past couple of weeks, but the violence of the perpetrators has increased. News platforms such as NBC and PBS have covered the scene of how the officials who are overseeing this operation are attempting to cast away these Native Americans from their rightful land with guns, pepper spray, and many other devices. This is absolutely not acceptable considering this land is also part of an Indian reservation. This land was specifically saved for the Indians, and this land should not be taken away on par with America’s past history of the United State’s roots.

This is absolutely a violation of trust and Human Rights.

Obviously the issues I have presented before you are not the only ones that will be put before you in your first term of presidency, but I do believe, discrimination is the root of all the nations problems.