omar California

Police Brutalaty

Police need to be more carfule on what they do they are the ones that need to protect us we should not feel scared

Dear New President

Police are abusing their power not all police officers abuse their power. How should we feel safe when they are the ones that should be protecting us. Police need more training because they are the ones that have a gun on them and other weapons that can hurt people.

There was man by the name Eric Garner he died on July 17,2014 he died after being pulled in a chokehold for like 15 to 19 seconds while being arrested. There was no point on arresting him because he did nothing wrong he was tired of police arresting him because they thought he was selling cigarettes even though we wasn't. Eric’s friend Ramsey Orta the one who filmed the video of Eric Garner being attacked by police he got 4 years in jail and the officers who attacked him got no charges.

Police need more training I feel like if you are going to sign up to be a police officer you need to be aware of your surroundings because some police officers just react with violence. Police need to think things through and not just beat up someone or shoot someone because they won't listen to what they say. For example police shoot a man while he was in a car with his girlfriend and his 4-year-old daughter. He died but what if they shoot his innocent girlfriend and his daughter police need more training.

In conclusion, I know that there are more problems in the world but I think that police brutality is so important because people are dying and getting hurt so you the president needs to make sure that if tey are going to take an important job as being a police officer make sure they have a good education.

By Omar Isabeles

New Technology High School

American Studies

New Tech High's Junior class. This is a team taught US History and Literature class.

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