Emma B. Oklahoma


Many states are falling behind when it comes to education.

Dear future president,

Although education is a state issue and not a federal issue, I think it is important to call attention to the fact that education is not a priority in many states. Instead of pouring tax dollars into educating the youth in hopes for a better future, states like Oklahoma are more concerned with keeping taxes as low as possible. While no one enjoys paying taxes, I believe it is crucial to have a substantial education budget in each state. Putting tax dollars towards education is an investment. A good education will allow the American youth to have more opportunities when it comes to their future. Knowledge is power, and education gives knowledge.

Teacher pay, specifically, is incredibly low in some states. States with higher teacher pay are more attractive to teachers, and many of them choose to move to those states. With good teachers leaving the very states that need them most, these states are falling farther and farther behind.

Not enough people in the United States care about states’ education budgets. It is important that we raise awareness about the importance of providing a good public education to every child in America. I know that there is little you can do, as president, with regards to states’ individual budgets, but I believe that it is important for you to encourage the United States to invest their money into a better future.