HUGOGARCIA Pennsylvania

Animal Abuse

My letter is about animal abuse Im speaking for the animals that are abuse everyday.

Dear Next President,

What if you walked the down the street and you see someone beating their pet. Abusing them like they was fighting a human bean how will you feel about that situation. would it hurt you or would you stand their everyday it happens stand up and fight for them. People that are animal abuser and more likely to be a human abuser. children in violent household represents one fifth of domestic animal cruelty cases. many violent offenders committed childhood acts of animal abuse.caused by domestic violence towards family including animals children that have seen will learn and do it later in life. The government can make a better law that can be enforced by everyone. more and more animals are injured, left for dead, or in pain from what they been through.They are being beaten tortured, unfed etc. people should be more open to what they see being done to animals.

There are six methods of animal cruelty drowning, hitting, kicking, shooting, choking, burning, and having intercourse with a animal. killing and harming, and threatening are used as weapons to manipulate victims into silence. Researcher say that childhood animal abuse was related to repeated acts of adult interpersonal violence. If children are abused while growing up, researcher say that they can grow up and abuse others and animal later in the future. Animals around the world are affected by this issue. They are for dead by their owners/abusers. We need a law to make this problem decrease it’s madness. People say that abuse is not a problem with anger management, but rather a way to establish and maintain control over victims. Every other aspect of America is the same. Every animal that are being abused are put in some much pain and suffering that they sometimes they don’t get to be saved by the people that help like the shelters.

Foundation, shelters, housing, and medical care are offered by people who care.Families could adopt a pet that as recovered from its injuries. They can have foundations for the animals that don’t have a family to take them in or take care of them. Please make a law against animal abuse because some people in this world don’t understand the feeling of seeing an animal in so much pain. Some animals end up with either an amputated leg or gone blind. Some people need to know that animals have feelings and pain like any other human in the world. If you would kinda make a law and/or statement about this situation. It is very painful to see animals like this on the street or other places.


Hugo Garcia