Raemi C. Texas


Thoughts from a young average teen in America.

Dear Future President,

People need to get their head out of there rear end and need to get a reality check and realize that there is only one true and real God. Adults need to stop feeding there kids lies and need to stop putting a generational curse on there kids by making them serve a false God. The reason we say "We are one nation under God" is because we are one nation under God and without God I really don't see are country being as great as it is. I don't think that people realize that without God they wouldn't be anywhere or wouldn't have as much and couldn't fulfill there dreams because God is almighty and is are provider. All those other religions are false and people need to stop wasting there time by believing that crap. Yes I know its a free country but since its a free country does that mean we should kill people? Its just the lack of common sense that people don't have and lack. If we all served one God then this country would be more at peace. I mean this is just me but if are country was all under God then I know that he could do a lot for us and would do a lot more and he could pay off are debts and really could make this a better country. Without God we are nothing and will be nothing. God does miracles and that is just what this country needs.