Caroline B. Wisconsin


Why we should stop terrorism

Dear Future President,

Do we have the supplies needed to stop terrorism? Terrorist are all around us and we need to be prepared even if that means that we have to upgrade our Military and our Armies and upgrade our weapons.

Terrorists could be planning to come to our country at this very moment, and are our Armies and Militaries ready and prepared. Terrorist attack other people because they are unhappy about something else in their country and then they think that we should have to pay for it. They do this because they don’t know how to handle it without violence. Also because they might be afraid of what really will happen.

Terrorist gain even more people into their rebellious group everyday because they are smart enough to know when they think we could get back at them or attack them. It won’t really affect them because they have a lot more people than we do and if we attack them they will just get even more angry at us and attack us again, again, and again.

Terrorist are always prepared no matter where they are and I think that we should do the same. They are all around us and yes it can be a little scary when you think about it but as long as we are prepared nothing can stand in our way and we can be back to our normal everyday lives.

Finally, you could be taking a nice walk in the park and then out of nowhere terrorist could strike, and we are not prepared, so the next time you're out in the park taking a walk ask yourself “Are we really prepared?”